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The portal for ARM products, technology, training, support, global community, career opportunities and more.

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Innovation Hub

Information and insights on the latest ARM-based electronics devices designed by the global ARM ecosystem.

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Strategic overview, market segment insights, financial reports, corporate governance and other financially related information.

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ARM Developer

Information on ARM architecture, CPU, graphics and system IP to software tools and embedded design support for global ARM developers.

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  • SoftBank + ARM

    £ 24.3bn investment in future of technology

    Two companies with a shared vision to push the limits of technology are coming together to accelerate ARM’s leadership in technologies for the future.

    Assurance has been given to create over 1,500 additional ARM jobs in the UK over the next five years and increase headcount outside the UK.

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  • ARM + Mobile Computing

    The technology that improves your day

    Our technology is at the heart of more than 95% of the world’s smartphones. For business, commuting and leisure, this device is an integral part of all of our lives.

    Silicon chips from our diverse, innovative ecosystem that power these devices continue to the stretch envelope of performance and energy efficiency to ensure that consumers' devices are always on the cutting edge.

  • ARM + Agriculture

    Improving the efficiencies for the agricultural industry

    Technology is key to improving efficiencies, and ARM technology is at the center of the farming revolution in areas such as precision agriculture, tagging and soil monitoring.

    Those farmers are seeing 10%+ improvement in yields for high-value crops, such as vines and almonds, and are deploying new functionality in over-the-air networks quicker than ever before.

  • ARM + Healthcare

    Empowering consumers to manage their healthcare

    Technology can help manage these conditions where they should be managed--away from a hospital. Analyzing coughs to help asthma sufferers, empowering the elderly to live longer at home and automating infusion pumps are just a few examples.

    This includes early diagnosis, where ARM-based technology helps identify concussion conditions for athletes, soldiers and amateur thrill seekers.

  • ARM + Automotive Safety

    Keeping you safe at 70mph

    Technology is the heart of all air bags. The technology only needs to work once, but it must categorically work to save lives.

    Partners in the ARM ecosystem have technology in the roof, steering wheel and passenger zones of today’s vehicles that understand if, when, and how to deploy airbags based on seat occupancy.

  • ARM + Infrastructure

    ARM Partners are bringing the cloud to the data

    In this new era where anything should talk to anything, the network infrastructure must change. The ARM partnership is pushing intelligence to the edge of the network that enables only the critical data to be passed up into the network.

    The result is 4G and (ultimately) 5G networks that deliver lower latency and more availability.

  • ARM + Social Impact

    Ensuring fundamental building blocks for all

    One of the roles of ARM is to ensure people can enjoy basic rights wherever they may be located on this planet.

    ARM partners deliver low-power education platforms in areas of unreliable power, powering hospitals through solar energy, and providing early warning and location of fires in informal settlements.

  • ARM + Exascale

    Powering the next generation of supercomputers

    ARM’s heritage was focused on battery-powered devices, so energy efficiency is in our DNA. However, that need to improve the performance that can be extracted from a certain amount of energy has become applicable to a range of line-powered applications.

    ARM partners are innovating in the supercomputing space to deliver on the vision for exascale computing.

Financial Performance Overview

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Revenue in 2015
Revenue ($m)

ARM’s US dollar revenues grew 15% in 2015, as our existing customers adopted and deployed our latest technology in their current and future product portfolios, and as 41 new companies chose to adopt ARM technology for the first time.

Dollar revenues ($m)

dollar revenues

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Cash returned to shareholders in 2015
Shareholder returns

In 2015, ARM bought back 9.0 million shares at a value of £92.2 million.

In addition, the proposed full year dividend is 8.78 pence, as 25% increase.

Cash returns to shareholders (£m)

shareholder return graph

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Normalized pre-tax profits


IFRS pre-tax profits

With our revenues growing faster than our reinvestments in R&D, we are able to deliver increasing profits over the long term.

Normalized* profits before tax (£m)

normalized profits graph

Non-financial Highlights

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Cumulative licenses signed

We develop and license technology that is at the heart of many digital devices, from sensors to smartphones, to servers. Every licence signed represents the opportunity or future royalty streams that can extend to over 25 years.

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ARM-based chips

ARM’s partners shipped around 15 billion ARM-based chips in 2015. These smart chips help to make consumer electronics easier to use and more fun, and enterprise equipment more capable and energy-efficient.

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ARMv8 in smartphones

Today ARM-based application processors can be found in about an 85% share of mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. Over the past five years this market has grown by an average of 30% per year.

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Patents owned or pending

ARM filed an additional 242 patents in 2015, taking the total number of patents owned or pending to more than 4,500. These patents help protect ARM’s technology globally and help secure our future revenue streams.

Cambridge, UK
Global HQ

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